Thursday, December 8, 2011

Renaissance game simulator, the golden age of Smiling Jack. Earn Real Money.

Simulator of the year 1777. This year very important things have occurred in the supernatural creatures scene. Do you Want power and fortune like the Lords of The Night wield? Power and prosperity waits you , a game where you can gain real money. Become a banker, military mastermind, or own companies, just like the Lords of the Nights did. Some Powerful vampires of today are began their power quest on this era, some very famous ones in fact. You can declare wars on countries to conquer them. You can own slaves for profiting nourishment (you collect taxes from their earnings) or you can sell them. Own a Luxurious House, Wear the most exquisite clothes, savor the finest old wine daily for an invigorating experience (like the most sacred and valued of vitae) and Wear the most sophisticated and advanced war equipment of the era. And best of all It's free and you can gain real money.

Do as Smiling Jack Did in the renaissance traveling the world in search of golden riches. You can bathe in gold as Smiling Jack and Maximilian Strauss did.

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